Bengal cats should be fed a predominantly or exclusively raw diet, in keeping with the wild diets of their recent origins. Asian Leopard Cats eat a mixed diet of foraged insects, small birds, and reptiles such as lizards, so while you may not wish to feed your domestic Bengal just this, it’s a wise model to keep in mind. There are a number of sound, raw foods on the market today such as Raw Boost. The best bet however is to find a local gamekeeper whom you can source rabbit and pheasant off, or where this isn’t possibly befriend your local organic butcher. Bengals do well on tripe and other organ meats in small quantities, offering important trace minerals and vitamins.

NB – When serving raw meat, you must use a lot of caution if it isn’t fresh. Wild cats eat their food just after hunting it, so be careful not to leave raw meat lying about for too long unless you want to poison your cat.

Recommended Health Supplements

We don’t believe in heavily supplementing your animal but find one or two key products absolutely essential.

Marine Phytoplankton  – Add a half teaspoon to your cats food, and you will notice an incredibly shiny coat, bright eyes and great joint health. This stuff is the source of omega from which wild, cold water fish like salmon generate their own essential fatty acid stores. It’s the single most important pet supplement in our view, although quite expensive. The best version we’ve found is at:

Nano Minerals – these wonderful, easy-on-the-stomach, highly absorbable minerals are SO good for pets because they have no taste, and as a liquid can be mixed in with food. They have been superb for several of our poorly kittens, really giving them nourishment at the deepest level.

Diatomaceous Earth – This stuff has a multitude of uses when it comes to keeping away fleas and parasites. Sprinkle it in their fur, in your household carpets, or add a few teaspoons to their food. The fossilized remains of ‘diatoms’, this stuff is a safe, natural and non-chemical way to keep your beloved Bengals flea-free. We buy it in fairly large quantities from