An Informational Site About Bengal Cats

My name is John Irving and my wife is Ethel. We breed Bengal cats and they are, indeed, special to us. All of our cats are our friends and companions. Therefore we are pretty particular about who adopts them. We look for loving homes where our babies will have lots of love, kisses, hugs, playtime, toys, and someone to talk to.

We are dedicated to creating the most beautiful, well socialized Bengal cats and kittens available. Our goal is to produce kittens that are as close to the TICA Bengal standard as is possible. We selectively breed our Bengals in order to produce more difficult features to achieve in the breed, such as rosettes, prominent whisker pads, white tummies, heavy bone, and thick, short tails.

We handle our kittens early and often to assure they are well socialized and make excellent and reliable pets. Our babies follow us from room to room, and if we go outside, they wait at the door for us. They talk among themselves and with us, (most are REAL talkers!!). Bengal kittens are very self confident, outgoing, intelligent, loving and are quick to learn. They quickly bond with people of all ages and get along well with a wide variety of family pets. Our Bengals are exposed to small children (our grandchildren), other adults, and other animals. And, if you don’t keep the door closed, some (but not all) will readily share the bathtub or shower with you. Their immunization and nutritional requirements are the same as for all domestic household cats.

We apply discipline by using water pistols and oral commands. Our babies are quick learners and soon know the parameters of their living environment. However, they will try their best to train you on when and how to feed them, to turn water on at the faucets when thirsty, and move over in the shower to allow them to have their rightful share of space. Ours routinely open closed doors.

We have experience in breeding and showing Bengals and are members of appropriate professional organizations such as, The International Cat Association (TICA), the International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS), The International Bengal Breeders Association (TIBBA), The American Cat Fancy Association (ACFA), and the United Feline Organization (UFO). We provide wonderful Bengal kittens with written sales contracts and health guarantees, and we ship within the United States.

Bengal rescue efforts are a special interest of ours and we support our local humane societies, help educate cat owners to the need to spay or neuter their cats, oppose the practice of declawing cats, and actively work to educate pet owners regarding the proper care of their companion animals.